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New technology MICROFOG UNIT

for droplet sizes 3μm and smaller

An average diameter of the particles (SMD) of 3μm and smaller was realized by using the original “MICROFOG technology” developed as a base and combining it with the technology developed separately to promote the reduction of the particle size. (Patents pending in Japan and overseas)

[MIST OF MOISTURE] generation process

The difference between the flow rate of atomization of 2.63 ml/min in the first step and the flow rate of atomization of 0.18 ml/min in the third step becomes drain liquid inside the part to promote particle size reduction and is then atomized again.
Reference videos for atomization operation

[MIST OF MOISTURE] Reference data
Spray liquid: Purified water

Please consult us about prototype production and product creation for the atomization conditions you want to use.

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